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Label visibility

on Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:31 pm
I did expect them to feel crowded, but its actually pretty good to have them, you get a very fast overview of all that's going on, without scrolling like in the old interface.
I feel that the text is not visible enough though. Not sure how it would look on all the buildings, but what if the text was written on the ground, so to speak, aligned with a side of a building?
Also, I find "Producing" to be too much, you should know if a certain building is producing or selling in the first 2 levels. It could just say "Chemicals - -4h 35m", or "Apples @ 5$ - 4h 35m" for stores (not sure how are the store labels because I have no store at the moment). But the text visibility should be better, I have to squint or move or click a building sometimes. Either on the white ground, on a side of the building, either lower so it doesn't overlap the building, or maybe just a more visible color/font?
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